Below are some photos showing some of our recent projects.

Local Pub

Pub pumps upgraded to serve H2O.  New radiator fitted to supplement heating in the front bar.  All warm and watered.

New Boiler for Local Church

A local church contacted us as their existing boiler had been giving them lots of issues.  We agreed it was time for it to be replaced so we selected a suitable boiler from the Ideal Commercial range.  They can now enjoy uninterrupted heating when it matters.

Boiler Upgrade

The old boiler had given may years of good service, but it was beginning to grumble, and the customer was losing sleep.  We managed to get the new boiler into the same location so that the existing cupboard could stay in place.  The customer is enjoying improved efficiency and better sleep!

New Boiler in Loft

The old boiler was unreliable and had leaked several times.  A new Vaillant Combi with a 7-year warranty was installed with a matching Vaillant load compensating room thermostat.  The customer is very happy with the result and relieved they don’t have to keep getting up into the loft.

New Combi Boiler

The customer called us in to provide a quote for a new boiler.  The old boiler was over 20 years old and was very noisy, it was clear a replacement was needed as soon as possible.  It was agreed a combi boiler would suit the application and would provide a significant improvement in hot water pressure.  The installation was particularly tight as the old boiler had been surrounded by a succession of kitchen upgrades, but a way was found that suited the customers plans for the new kitchen.  Modesty panels were installed to ensure maintenance can be carried out. 

Local School Saving Fuel

The school had been suffering with a lack of proper control for heating and hot water, so we were contacted to offer advice.  It was clear that the system design was the culprit, and that efficiency was being compromised.  We proposed a design change which involved removing hot water generation from the main plant.  This led to significant fuel savings, especially in the summer as the large commercial boilers are now not being used to generate small amounts of hot water.  It also allowed us to make improvements to the Trend BMS controls to make further improvements to building comfort levels and plant efficiency.

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